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Whether you work, live or play on an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android based device, our applications provide the latest in user interface design, which we build on top of future friendly code patterns to support your application's evolution.

We specialize in Ruby, PHP, Javascript using some of the latest frameworks; Rails, YII or Code Igniter, Backbone.js, and Node.js Express.js for all our web applications. We use native Objective-C or C++ for our iOS and Android specific projects. All this while keeping things fully RESTful and MVC based.

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alphaboy inc.'s mobile application developers use the latest in iOS & Android Development tools.

Orbita: Battle Grounds

Orbita: Battle Grounds is the game version which lets you compete with your friends online.

All trained up? Take what you've learned and apply it in this highly immersive realtime multiplayer strategy version. Players win Honor points and can display them on their Facebook or Twitter pages/feeds. Fully intergrated with Game Center so all your scores and player profiles are kept nice and tidy.

Orbita Cover

Orb entity representing the player in game. Completely comprised of energy particles

Orbita Configuration

Adjust your strategy by balancing power between shields, attack & movement

Orbita explosion

Screen capture of the momement before an Orb seases to exist.

324 Beta Users and Counting...